Is there any difference between Nail Wraps & Nail Stickers
Ans. No, there is no difference between Nail Wraps & Nail Stickers these are basically high quality, non-toxic stickers.

How long Fofur Nail Wraps lasts?
Ans. Fofur Nails wraps last up to 5 days fingers and 10 days on toes. With high quality top coat, you can extend their life for 3-5 more days.

How many wraps are on each sheet of Fofur Nails Wraps?
Ans. One regular sheet includes 12 Fofur nail wraps. Two extra nail wraps provided.

What if my nail is too big or too small for the nail wraps?
Ans. We understand that nail sizes varies from person to person, that’s why we have given few extra nails to fit your nail size. We recommend using a wrap that is just smaller than your nail to avoid the wraps touching skin or cuticles. Using a wrap that is too large and over laps onto your skin or cuticles may cause lifting at the edges.

Do you have to apply a base or top coat?
Ans. Not mandatory, however your nails should be dry before applying nail wraps. Top coat increase the life of Nail wraps.

Do I have to use a mini-heater to apply my Fofur nail wraps?
Ans. No, no heating required for Fofur Nail wraps, just remove from the package and apply gently on your fingers.

Can I go swimming while wearing the nail wraps?
And. Yes. The adhesive on nail wraps are waterproof and does not harms the nail wraps.

How do I remove the nail wraps?
Ans. You can simply remove the wraps and clean it properly with nail remover.